Video and telephone consultations


During the coronavirus pandemic, most of the doctors at Romsey Medical will continue to provide “in clinic” consultations and services as usual. Please see the coronavirus info. page for details of these services and how we are making these visits to the clinic safer. Dr Sally Carter will offer video and telephone consultations only.


Video and telephone consultations allow the doctor to assess, diagnose and treat most problems. We have systems to forward prescriptions, certificates and letters to you, the pharmacy, pathology, x ray and specialists. Please do not be concerned if the doctor requests that you attend the medical centre. This may be necessary in order to meet your needs completely and we have taken steps to make the medical centre safe. It is more important to treat your current health problems than to self isolate.


Medicare offers a rebate for video and telephone consultations during the pandemic.  Drs Dilly Rajapaksa, Catherine Law and Sally Carter bulk bill all patients. . Drs Suki Allen, David Beaini and Noel Cunningham bulk bill all children under 16yo, pensioners, health care card holders and some patients who are at high risk of serious complications of coronavirus. The doctor will discuss if you qualify for bulk billing at the beginning of your consultation. If you are not comfortable with the proposed fee, you may stop the consultation immediately at no cost to you.

If you do not qualify for bulk billing, you will be billed the same fee as a consultation at the clinic.

How to book and participate in a video consultation

Book a “video consultation” online at or telephone the medical centre on 5429 5254.

  1. You will need a smart phone or device that has internet access and an “up to date” browser such as google chrome, speakers, a microphone and a private place to do your video consultation. If you are unsure if you can manage this please book a telephone consultation.

  2. Five minutes prior to your appointment, go to our home page and click on the green button “Start video conference”. It takes a few seconds to move to our “waiting room” page, follow the prompts to complete your details and allow access to audio and video camera on your device.

  3. You will then see yourself and messages on the screen and hear some music while you wait. Our receptionist will take your call, confirm your details including asking you to show her your credit card on the screen. Please do not read out details from your credit card.

  4. The receptionist will then place your call back into the waiting room until your doctor is available to take your call.

  5. After your consultation, the doctor will return you to the waiting room. Our reception staff will continue your call, make any future appointments and bill your credit card or Medicare. Once your card is billed we will destroy all records about your credit card.

How to book and participate in a telephone consultation


  1. Book your appointment online  at or by telephoning the medical centre on 5429 5 254.

  2. Please telephone the clinic 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to confirm that you are ready for a call. You will be asked for some of your personal details such as mobile number and email address. We may ask for your credit card number to allow us to bill you for your consultation. Your doctor or other health professional will be advised that you have “arrived “. Please hang up the telephone and await the call from your doctor or health professional.

  3. The doctor calls and consults with you. At the conclusion she will transfer your call back to reception. The reception staff will arrange any further appointments, discuss your bill and charge your credit card or Medicare. We will destroy all information about your credit card once your card is billed.